You Could Be Paying $US1,000 More For Your Plane Ticket Than The Person Sitting Next To You

If you had to pay $US600 for a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, you might be disappointed. But what if you knew the person sitting next to you had paid $US1,600?

According to Hopper, a site that analyses airfare data, plane ticket prices can differ by more than $US1,000 in the same cabin.

Hopper conducted a study that looks at the range of prices people pay for airfare by analysing flight search results between major U.S. cities.

They found that economy seats on a flight from Los Angeles to Las Vegas can cost anywhere from $US200 to a whopping $US1,600. The study shows that while airfares can vary tremendously on most airlines, Spirit Airlines and Virgin have the most consistent ticket prices for this flight route.

Hopper also looked at other routes and concluded that flights between Chicago O’Hare and John F. Kennedy airports have the most equal ticket pricing.

In order to avoid paying way too much for your airline ticket, Hopper suggests buying your ticket at least 30 days in advance.

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