PHOTOS: A Suspected Terrorist Bomber Was Arrested On Board A Plane In The UK

Jan Kruger/Getty Images

A Qatar Airways flight had to be escorted to Manchester Airport by a military fighter jet, after its pilot received a note from a passenger about a potential “device on board”.

“A 47-year-old man from the northwest (of England) has been arrested on suspicion of making a bomb hoax and remains in police custody for questioning,” Chief Superintendent John O’Hare of Greater Manchester Police said.

The Airbus A330-300 – carrying 282 passengers – was travelling from Doha, Qatar to Manchester, England when crew were alerted to a possible device on board the aircraft.

Britain’s Ministry of Defence said Royal Air Force Typhoon jets were launched to investigate the incident, which is standard procedure for these types of events.

Several emergency response vehicles surrounded the plane when it eventually landed safely in Manchester, while witnesses on board said armed police boarded the aircraft and escorted the suspect off with his hands on his head.

A full search of the aircraft uncovered no suspicious items.

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