How To Plan A Vacation On Your iPad

travel with the iPad

One of the most touted uses for the iPad is as a great device for travel.

With vacation season coming, we decided to put this to the test.

We just went through all the steps of planning and booking a trip using nothing but our trusty SAIpad and a handful of apps. It was surprisingly easy.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to planning a trip on your iPad >

Pick out a destination on the iPad's built in Google Maps app. It's beautiful.

Pop straight into street view to get a feel for where you're going

If the weather isn't better than it is here, we're not going

Yep, that will do

Kayak is the spot for buying plane tickets. Enter where you want to go and when, and Kayak shops around on all the major travel sites to find the best deal.

Kayak returns a list of flights, and links to the sites where you can buy tickets

The Kayak iPad app launches Safari, and sends you to the relevant site, in this case Orbitz

All the details for the flight we want have transferred over, so we're ready to confirm and pay

Currency shows you up-to-date quotes on exchange rates. $100 will get us €74.

Check up on your flight with TripTracker before you leave for the airport to see how bad the delays are

GateGuru lets you browse for places to eat and shop within the terminal

You can read reviews, or leave your own

Keep an eye on things back at home with VueZone, which lets you set up cameras that you can monitor live on the move.

Once you're in your seat, kick back, relax, and watch a movie on Netflix. Have a good trip!

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