PLAGIARISM? 4 Ad Campaigns That Seem To Be 'Inspired' By Heineken

Heineken ad

Photo: Screengrab / YouTube

Ever since Heineken launched its lush, exquisitely detailed TV campaign from ad agency Wieden & Kennedy in 2011—featuring guests arriving at ever-more improbably elaborate parties—the TV airwaves have become cluttered by me-too brands with similar campaigns.Remy Martin, Bacardi, the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and Revel Resorts Atlantic City have all run TV spots that are difficult to tell apart.

They all feature quirky party guests making a big splash at the most eye-popping nightclubs and hotels imaginable, backed by vintage-sounding hipster music. Compare and contrast, and see if you can tell the difference:

Brand: Remy Martin

Ad agency: The Vidal Partnership

First air date: May 2012

 Brand: Bacardi

Ad agency: Y&R, New York

First air date: May 2012

Brand: Revel Resorts Atlantic City

Ad agency: Mother New York

First air date: March 2012

Brand: Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

Agency: Fallon

First air date: November 2011

Brand: Heineken

Ad agency: Wieden & Kennedy

First air date: January 2011


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