12 Places To Visit Before They Disappear Forever


Photo: Getty Images Ltd. From 100 Places to Go Before They Disappear, published by Abrams.

Many of the world’s most precious tourist destinations are in danger of vanishing due to natural or human factors, or a combination of both.Some spots face imminent flooding, while others could be destroyed by drought and wildfires.

100 Places to Go Before They Disappear, a new photobook with a forward by Desmond Tutu, captures many of these endangered spots in stunning imagery.

Publishing house Abrams has shared several of them with us.

OLYMPIA, GREECE: Warm and dry summers have led to an increase in wildfires in Olympia, home of the first Olympic Games.

ZAHARA DE LA SIERRA, ANDALUSIA, SPAIN: A decrease in rainfall, together with a rise in temperature, have led to a loss of wildlife and greenery.

VENICE, ITALY: With floods surpassing four feet in 2008, the city's famous piazzas are continually sinking.

SIBERIA, RUSSIA: Siberia's Lake Baikal is threatened by massive amounts of pollution from a paper mill.

TUVALU, POLYNESIAN ISLAND: As sea levels have risen over time, these islands have become a swampland.

MONTEVERDE CLOUD FOREST, COSTA RICA: Climate change is predicted to reduce the forest's cloud level coverage which can increase temperatures, and may even cause the entire hydrological system to collapse.

WESTERN HUDSON BAY, CANADA: As the glaciers continue to melt, the bay could dry up and wildlife will disappear.

THAMES RIVER, LONDON, ENGLAND: As ocean currents have changed and modern structures have risen near the river, the Thames' span has decreased, as has some wildlife.

BIG SUR, CALIFORNIA: Droughts and wildfires have significantly harmed the California coastal region.

NIGER DELTA, NIGERIA : Rising sea levels have triggered water borne diseases that threaten the natural habitat and biodiversity of the area.

YANGTZE RIVER, CHINA: Many native species have become threatened or endangered by the Three Gorges Dam project.

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