Former Banker Tells Us Why Departed P.J. Clarke's Bartender Doug Quinn Was The 'Greatest Bartender Ever'

PJ Clarke's Midtown

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Earlier today we reported that P.J. Clarke’s legendary bow-tie wearing bartender Doug Quinn said he was ousted last night and customers left the popular Midtown saloon in droves.We’re still waiting for comment from P.J. Clarke’s.

In the meantime, we spoke with a Wall Street veteran who has been going to P.J. Clarke’s for years and knows Quinn.

“I really don’t get it,” he said.  “I think this will be impacting their business,” he said pointing out that P.J. Clarke’s has a solid reputation.

The former Wall Streeter, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity, told Business Insider that Quinn is “an unbelievable bartender.” 

“He’s widely known as the greatest bartender ever,” he said in a telephone interview.

“I used to bar tend when I was in college.  That crowd in there gets deep.  He knows everyone’s name.  He knows everyone’s drink,” the source said.

He said Quinn could handle the big crowd even when it would get “rowdy” and when it would fill up to the point where “you couldn’t move.” 

What’s more is he said Quinn’s efficient bar tending skills made it a great spot to bring a big group.

“I would bring my clerks, 15 or 20 guys, no problem. He’s efficient.  He was a machine and I’ve seen him handle drunks many, many times.” 

Even if people had not been in the bar in a while Quinn would still remember their drink of choice, the source said.

“I mean I have friends that haven’t been there in a year or two and he knows what they’re drinking.  It’s amazing — like the Rain Man.”  

Our source, who said he’s been going to P.J. Clarke’s Midtown location since the early 80s, told us that Quinn has a “huge following.”

“I know his following is amazing.  That bar was empty before him.  I’m not kidding!”  

Quinn has been bartending since graduating from college.  He started at P.J. Clarke’s in 2003, according to a New York Times’ story

“When they brought him in to be the bartender, his name just took over,” the source said.  “Any night of the week at 12:30 at night it was pretty deep.  It’s an unusual situation.  I’m very curious to see if it was the place or if it was Doug.”  

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