Pizza Warped

If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

– Alan Scott

It is unlikely that you go a single day without travelling past more than a few pizza shops. If you are an avid television viewer, you undoubtedly witness the biggest chains duke it out in the commercial breaks during your favourite prime time shows.

The business of pizza is an astoundingly large one. Analysts estimate the industry in the US alone is close to 40 billion per year. A few weeks ago, beyond irritated with the number of pizza shop menus being stuffed in my door on a daily basis, I started to think about the behaviour behind ordering food into our homes.

Specifically what prompts us to try a new establishment for the first time. I knew one thing for sure and it was that all of those menus were a waste of money. The cost of designing, printing, mailing and/or hand delivering them is exorbitant in the digital age. Plus, there is no mechanism to measure their effectiveness in gaining new or for that matter, repeat customers. The bottom line is that whether you are a little independent shop or one of the big boys, your marketing practices are antiquated and in my opinion, fundamentally misjudge the behaviour patterns behind who we decide to order food from. Blasting us with flashy television ads or drowning us with paper menus is not the answer.

I will argue and ultimately prove with the roll out of our latest venture that people are more than willing to try out new places when ordering food into their homes. That should you allow them to passively participate in the experience that is being motivated to place an order, they will give you just enough rope to hang yourself. Or, should you succeed in impressing them with your food and/or service, use that same rope to tie that customer to you for life.

This is how I see it.

Pete the Pizza Shop Owner

Carl the Customer

The industry break out is interesting as the top four competitors own about half of the market with the remaining spread out across thousands of mum & Pop’s and small chains.

Pizza Boxing, in time will serve to democratize the Pizza Shop Industry, giving Pete’s Pizza Shop the same opportunity to introduce themselves to new customers as Pizza Hut or Domino’s without the need to spend millions of dollars on television advertisements. A fully measurable solution giving pizza shop owners the opportunity to introduce their foods and win over new customers. Best of all, for the rest of us, a few less menus in our doors.