A rat dragging a piece of pizza down the subway stairs just broke the internet

As any New Yorker will tell you, rats are often par for the course when riding the subway and they’re usually met with disdain.

But now, one rat caught on video dragging around a slice of pizza has captured the hearts of the internet.

Early Monday, comedian Matt Little uploaded an adorable video of a rat dragging a piece of pizza through a subway station in New York City, Gawker reports. YouTube only records a few hundred views on the video so far, but people are tweeting about “pizza rat” nonstop.

Here’s a look at “pizza rat,” bravely making his way down the steps of an L train station, while dragging a cheese topped slice along with him. 

Since the video was brought to the internet’s attention in the morning, people on Twitter have begin buzzing about the hungry little rodent. 

Perhaps comedian Julie Klausner said it best.

“We are all pizza rat,” the “Difficult People” actress tweeted. 

Long live pizza rat. 

Watch the whole pizza rat video here or below.


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