Pizza Hut has unveiled a brilliant new crust

Pizza Hut is launching a new pizza with breadsticks baked into the crust.

The crust can be ripped from pizza for easy dipping in buffalo ranch or cheddar cheese dipping sauces, which come with the new pizza, Eater reports.

Early reviews of the “twisted crust pizza” have been pretty positive.

“If you haven’t had a twisted crust pizza, you’re missing out,” someone named Arnold Keesee posted on Facebook. “Hands down best pizza I have ever had.”

Another user wrote, “It is very good!”

Hopefully it’s better than the bizarre hot dog-stuffed pizza that Pizza Hut launched in June.

Pizza Hut has been trying to revive business by focusing less on millennials, and trying to win back older customers.

“We obviously have not been happy with the performance of the relaunch of Pizza Hut,” Greg Creed, CEO of parent company Yum Brands, told investors at a conference earlier this year covered by Nation’s Restaurant News.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t been as effective as we’ve liked with our marketing and need to balance its appeal to millennials with mainstream pizza customers,” Creed said.

To win back older customers and families, Pizza Hut has been offering aggressive promotions on its food.

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