Pizza Hut is delivering beer and wine

Hollis Johnson
  • Pizza Hut will start delivering beer and wine in certain cities.
  • Customers can order a six-pack of beer to accompany their pizza delivery for $US10.99.
  • TGI Fridays and Buffalo Wild Wings are also testing alcohol delivery.

Pizza Hut is testing beer and wine delivery.

The pizza chain told CNN that it will begin delivering beer in certain cities, starting in Phoenix, Arizona. For $US10.99, customers can order a six-pack of brands such as Budweiser, Bud Light, Shock Top, and craft brand Kilt Lifter.

Pizza Hut also plans to roll out wine delivery in January, CNN reports.

As many restaurant chains deal with sales slumps, some are turning to booze for a boost.

TGI Fridays and Buffalo Wild Wings both announced earlier this year that they are testing booze delivery. Taco Bell is leaning into alcoholic offerings as well, opening an increasing number of more upscale Cantina locations that serve drinks such as Twisted Freezes with a shot of rum, tequila, or vodka.

Delivering alcohol could help Pizza Hut differentiate itself from competitors like Domino’s and Papa John’s – something the chain desperately needs to do. In November, parent company Yum Brands reported that Pizza Hut’s same-store sales were flat in the most recent quarter.

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