Pizza Hut Finally Brings Its 'Crazy' Pizzas To The US

crazy cheesy crust pizza hutPizza Hut’s ‘Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza.’

For years Americans have watched Pizza Huts around the world introduce bizarre pies with cheeseburgers, chicken and 

other unexpected surprises in the crust. Finally the chain is bringing one home.

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Pizza Hut just introduced the US to the “Crazy Cheesy Crust Pizza,” which boast 16 pockets of five different types of cheese.

This seems mild compared to what has been introduced overseas. Americans enjoyed Pizza Hut’s stuffed crust pizza in 1995, so much so that sales went up $300 million that year, but other countries got all the fun with bizarre Pizza Hut creations after that.

While this strange pizza creation will be sold for the next six weeks to three months, could this could mark the beginning of a trend to go strangely overboard as Pizza Hut has internationally?

Cheeseburger Crown Crust Pizza — Middle East

Pizza Hut's most famous masterpiece of 2012 was its cheeseburger crust pizza.

The heart attack on a pie debuted in April. It comes with chicken tenders instead of cheeseburgers, too.

Watch its strange ad below:

Squirting Crust Pizza — Malaysia

In August, Pizza Hut Malaysia introduced, for the first time ever, squirting pizza crusts that ooze with bursts of cheese and tangy sauces.

Watch the ad below, where Pizza Hut implied that a girl's dream is to be proposed to after having a bite of the exploding pie.

Double Sensation Pizza — Singapore

Just in time for Christmas (yes, those are elves trying to steal a piece), Pizza Hut debuted its overwhelming 'Double Sensation' pizza in December.

The pizza has an inner and outer crust -- one stuffed with three-flavour cheese and the other with cheesy chicken sausage -- and is topped with smoked chicken, turkey ham, bell peppers, mushrooms, and both a pepper alfredo and salsa sauce. Oh yeah, and there's a cherry on top / in the middle.

Pizza Hut's website urges customers to 'surprise your taste buds with every bite this festive season.'

Kit Kat Pops — Middle East

Pizza Hut Middle East is full of crazy ideas.

Like this bizarre Kit Kat stuffed in pizza dough snack that it introduced in September.

And that's just the beginning of what Pizza Hut was stuffing into its crusts this year...

Pizza Hut's Cone Crust Pizza — Middle East

Pizza Hut Middle East was on fire with crazy pizza ideas this year.

September's cone crust pizza folded the crust into cones and filled them with cream cheese, honey mustard chicken, or BOTH.

Now take a look at the history of deep-fried food below:

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