Pizza Hut Has Created A Monstrosity The Likes Of Which We’ve Never Seen

pizza hut singapore

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Pizza Hut, you’ve gone mad.

Behold the “Double Sensation” pizza. It’s available in Singapore and will run you $21.75 for a regular 10″ pizza and $27.49 for a large 13″.

What is it?

The pizza-within-a-pizza features two rings of crust.

The outer is stuffed with mozzarella, parmesan, and cheddar cheese, topped with turkey, ham, mushrooms, bell peppers, and salsa.

The inner crust has chicken sausage and cheese inside of it. It’s topped with smoked chicken, zucchini, and pepper Alfredo sauce.

One, single, lonely cherry tops it off, right in the centre of the pizza.

The internet is confounded. How could such a pizza be allowed to exist?

The Huffington Post’s Rachel Tepper is at a loss for words. “It’s like some evil genius combined every over-the-top pizza trend in one, completely unbound by good taste or sense. Why does this monstrosity exist?” she asks, unwilling to believe.

Eater’s ever-optimistic Amy McKeever writes, “Yes, this is the Inception pizza the world has been waiting for.”

And Zagat’s Kelly Dobkin thinks that the Mayans may have been right after all. “NASA has officially debunked pesky end of the world rumours for tomorrow, December 21, but with this latest development, we’re not so sure we believe them,” she writes.