Pizza Hut Calls Off Its Presidential Debate Stunt, After Huge Backlash

pizza hut tbi

Well, that PR stunt didn’t work.

Pizza Hut had offered free pizzas for life to the person who asked President Obama of Gov. Romney the question: sausage or pepperoni?

Pizza Hut got slammed near universally for making a mockery of the political system to get some cheap exposure.

So now, it’s hitting the eject button.

Pizza Hut CMO Kurt Kane put some positive spin on it in a statement:

“The anticipation and buzz around this question proves that this debate should be taken to the people … We’re no longer asking a few hundred attendees at the town hall presidential debate on Oct. 16 to pose the question, rather we’re bringing the question — Sausage or Pepperoni? — to millions of Americans.”

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