Pixel Pix turns your photos into retro 8-bit artwork

If you’re looking to infuse some retro nostalgia into your photos, look no further than Pixel Pix.

Pixel Pix is a photo editing app that allows you to transform your photos into 8-bit masterpieces, giving your photos the look and feel of a classic video game.

The app itself is easy to use, and anyone familiar with photo editing apps will feel right at home.

The 12 retro filters feature throwback names such as Commander64, GameKid, and Super8Bit, but you can also further customise your photos by adding stickers and backgrounds. Want to give yourself a pixelated gentlemen’s mustache? Done. Have you always wanted some neon, futuristic Kanye West sunglasses? You got ’em.

Pixel Pix even organizes sticks by decade if you’re looking for a specific look or feel.

While Pixel Pix has been around for a while, it’s been completely overhauled in Version 2.0 and now features native support for the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, according to Product Hunt, and the Android version has also been updated.

You can download the new Pixel Pix for $US0.99 over at the App Store or on Google Play.

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