Leaked photos show Google could be working on a budget Pixel 3 with a headphone jack that costs $400 — and it could have the same amazing camera


Google apparently isn’t done with its Pixel 3 smartphone just yet, as a “budget” model that costs between $US400 and $US500 could have just been leaked via Russian tech site Rozetked.me. We originally saw it on 9to5Google.

To compare prices, Google’s flagship Pixel 3 lineup starts at $US800 for the regular Pixel 3, and $US900 for the larger Pixel 3XL.

So far, this “budget” device is being called the “Pixel 3 Lite.”

Indeed, the rumoured device has “lite” specs compared to the full-fat Pixel 3 phones that Google released last month. But overall, the new phone looks pretty similar. It could even have the same camera as the Pixel 3, which would make the Pixel 3 Lite the ultimate mid-range phone.

That is, of course, if this thing is a real product that will actually be released into the world, which is up in the air.

Google did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Check out some of the leaked photos, specs, and details of the Pixel 3 Lite:

The Pixel 3 Lite is said to have a 5.56-inch LCD display with 1080p resolution.


That’s a similar display to the flagship Pixel 3. The main difference appears to be the LCD display in the Pixel 3 Lite, versus the OLED displays on the flagship Pixel 3 models.

It will have the same camera as the flagship Pixel 3, but a mid-range chip.


The Pixel 3 Lite will supposedly come with the same 12-megapixel rear camera and 8-megapixel selfie camera as the flagship Pixel 3 models, reports Roketzed.me, but it’s not clear whether it will take the same quality photos.

Indeed, Google’s flagship Pixel smartphones take the best photos out of any smartphone. It would be pretty significant if a “budget” Pixel 3 that costs less comes with the same camera quality as the flagship Pixel 3.

The “Lite” name for this phone could also have something to do with the chip. It will apparently run on a mid-range Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 that’s less powerful than the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip that powers the top Android phones of 2018.

As for other specs, it’s said the Pixel 3 Lite will have 4GB of RAM, which is the same amount of RAM the flagship Pixel 3 has. That’s great for the alleged Pixel 3 Lite, but it would also highlight how the high-end flagship Pixel 3, which costs between $US800 and $US900, doesn’t really have enough RAM in the first place.

It also looks like it will come with 32GB of storage, at least.

The Pixel 3 Lite may come with a headphone jack, setting it apart from most of this year’s batch of flagship phones.


Google removed the headphone jack from its phones starting with the Pixel 2 in 2017, but it’s unlikely that Pixel fans who want a headphone jack will find solace in the mid-range – and still only alleged – Pixel 3 Lite, which would have worse specs.

Check out more leaked photos of the supposed Pixel 3 Lite from the source.

Rozetked.me has more photos of the Pixel 3 Lite, including different angles and screenshots detailing the specs mentioned above.