Pixable Wants To Be Your Online Photo Hub

pixable iphone app

Photo: Screenshot

It seems like everyone has a photo app now. But unless you sign up for them all, you’re going to miss out on something.That’s the gap the Photofeed iPhone app from Pixable attempts to fill. It aggregates photos from Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr into feeds so you can see the photos that matter most to you.

The app shows you photos it deems are the most popular based on factors such as upload date, likes, and comments. Photos are displayed in an attractive grid system that makes it easy to swipe through them and even comment or tag people.

But there’s one huge downside. Pixable’s developers told us they are focusing heavily on Facebook, which shows in the app. There’s no way to link your Instagram, Flickr, Hipstamatic, or any other photo sharing account to Pixable.

It’s nice to see popular public photos, but the app would be more relevant if you could view photos from friends on other networks too.

That being said, we’re told the developers will be taking advantage of more services in future updates, so there’s a lot of potential for Photofeed to become the only app you need to share and view photos.

If you want to give it a try, you can download Photofeed free on iPhone from the App Store. Click below to see our walkthrough of the app.

Here's the icon for Pixable. Tap to open.

The last slide says it will only take a minute to load your photos...

We were stuck on this screen for a lot longer than that.

Here's what the popular photos list looks like. You can scroll through them and tap to view one in full.

When you follow one of your Facebook friends, you'll see a new section in your main menu. Follow as many people as you'd like.

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