Pittsburgh Steelers receiver Antonio Brown rocked up to the first day of camp in a helicopter — and it's not even the craziest way Steelers players have turned up to work

Getty ImagesAntonio Brown.
  • Antonio Brown touched down in a chopper, making quite an entrance for the first day of Pittsburgh Steelers training camp.
  • Brown’s helicopter stunt is not even the craziest way some Steelers players have turned up to work.
  • Previous arrivals have included a fleet of Mini Coopers and a dump truck.
  • NFL teams are in preseason mode at the moment, but Brown has said that, regardless of his ostentatious arrival, the Steelers are ready to work.

The Pittsburgh Steelers know how to make an entrance.

The NFL team was scheduled to return to training for the first day of camp at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe on Wednesday but rather than turn up in a car, wide receiver Antonio Brown chose to touch down in a helicopter.

“[It is] less driving [and] more convenient for the timing to get here and get ready to go,” Brown told KDKA-TV. “I think if I pull up in the chopper [the media] would think it was pretty cool… I did it for you guys.”

Watch Brown touch down in a chopper below.

Antonio Brown touches down in a helicopterKDKA-TVBrown touches down in a chopper.

Brown is not the only athlete to have rocked up to a sports event in an ostentatious manner this year, as his helicopter ride comes one month after 14-time major winning golfer Tiger Woods docked his $US20 million, 155-foot yacht in the Hamptons – just in time for the US Open.

While Woods may have wanted to stay on board his yacht, Privacy, for the duration of the golf competition, there may be a bizarre reason behind Brown’s chopper stunt – and it all comes down to tradition.

Steelers players are no stranger to making entrances. Several stars turned up to training in a fleet of Mini Coopers in 2010, while former defensive end Brett Keisel once drove a dump truck to camp.

Regardless of the preseason eccentricities, Brown said that it was time to get to work now that the chopper ride was out of his system.

“We know what’s expected, we know what’s at stake. This is the first day of the journey to get everything rolling,” he said.

The Steelers are one of the top three favourites to win the SuperBowl LII title, according to Forbes.

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