An Ontario Pit Bull Has Become Famous For Balancing Objects On His Head

A 9-year-old pit bull in Ontario has become famous for balancing objects on his head.

His name is Scout, and his owner Jen Gillen has been putting random things — from cupcakes to vases of flowers — on his head for two years now. The impromptu and silly project has taken on a life of its own recently, popping up on Reddit and news outlets across America as “Stuff on Scout’s Head.”

“He doesn’t get any of the food that goes on his head unfortunately — unless it’s his kibble or that giant raw bone,” Gillen says on her Tumblr. “That’s half the secret to his tricks, he never gets any human foods and is extremely obedient! He gets a lot of pigs ears, bully sticks, etta says chews, or raw cuts of meat as rewards though.”

It all started when a friend of Gillen’s pointed out that Scout has an extremely flat head, and asked if he could balance a roll of toilet paper. “He instantly posed and balanced it so well, that I decided to try my luck, and try some other humorous items,” Gillen told

Gillen also hopes that her Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr of “Stuff on Scout’s Head” will raise awareness for another important issue — in Ontario, any pit bull born after August 2005 is considered illegal and can be killed due to breed-specific legislation meant to curb dog-fighting (Scout was grandfathered in since he was born before the law took effect).

“Pit bulls are extremely smart, loyal, and can be trained impeccably for good with the right owner,” Gillen insists. “These pictures also have gotten countless people to ask what breed he is, surely these people that don’t know he’s a ‘pit bull’ have heard awful things about this breed of dog.”

And since Scout is a rescue, Gillen also plans to draw more attention and donations to animal shelters with her (and Scout’s) newfound fame.

“If anyone were to profit at all from this, I hope it’s all the rescues out there, whether they have pit bulls or not, who are so under-appreciated and under-funded for all their hard work,” she explains on her Tumblr. “I’d rather the outcome from all of this be much greater than a dollar in my pocket.”

You can donate to the rescue that Scout came from originally on the All Breed Canine Rescue website or send an email asking how you can help to [email protected]

See more of the awesome pictures of Scout on Gillen’s Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr.

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