Former DSK Lover Warned The IMF About His “behaviour” 3 Years Ago*


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An affair that Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the IMF chief, had 3 years ago with Piroska Nagy, a former IMF economist, is getting scrutinized now that he is accused of forcing a New York City hotel maid to give him oral and anal sex.The affair with the subordinate (who was the wife of a former Argentine central bank president) was said to be both short-lived and consensual, however, new details are emerging.

According to Reuters, “an employee who had a brief affair with IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn warned the organisation about his behaviour toward women in a letter she sent three years ago. The person who confirmed the existence of the letter is close to the former International Monetary Fund employee, Hungarian-born economist Piroska Nagy.”

Assuming the person who wrote the IMF is Nagy, the news is quite a bombshell. For three years, the assumption was that the affair was entirely consensual.

UPDATE: The person who wrote the letter is Nagy. The New York Times found the letter. It it, Piroska Nagy explains why she had a brief affair with Dominique Strauss-Kahn at the World Economic Forum in 2008: “I was damned if I did and damned if I didn’t,” she wrote in a letter to the IMF… [DSK is] a man with a problem that may make him ill-equipped to lead an institution where women work under his command.”

According to the NYTimes, Strauss Kahn asked her to give him a presentation on the IMF’s activities in Ghana, her area of focus at the time. (He asked many people to give presentations.) He became interested in her. He often called her to ask many questions about Ghana’s economy, eventually using more sexual language. Once, he asked his secretary to summon Nagy from the ladies room with a message: DSK wants to see you. In her letter, she says that although the IMF determined that there was no inappropriate behaviour, their relationship was not entirely consensual.

DSK admitted to the relationship and apologized to the IMF. He said, “It was an incident in my private life and at no time did I abuse my position as the fund’s managing director.”

Nagy resigned from the IMF three years ago in August 2008.

At the time of her departure, there was an investigation into whether or not Strauss-Kahn’s involvement was improper. (One suspicion was that she was granted a larger pay package because of her relationship with DSK.) A spokesman for the IMF said, “There was an allegation concerning improper behaviour of a personal nature on the part of the managing director. All allegations, particularly relating to senior management, need to be investigated.”

However after the IMF conducted an internal review, Strauss-Kahn remained Chief. 

If Nagy, who had first-hand knowledge of DSK’s behaviour towards women, believed there was a reason for the IMF to be concerned, it might hurt his credibility. Especially if the NYPost turns out to be right, that DSK’s defence will be, “it was consensual.”