Pirates Fan Wins Big – Betting Against The Pirates Every Single Game

Pittsburgh Pirates

Rule #74 in sports gambling: Never bet on your own team. Well, maybe that should be changed to “never bet on your own team to win.

Enter Greg Mercer, a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates who just posted their 18th straight losing season. And when a team loses 105 games, you would think it would be difficult to find reasons to root for the team. But Mercer may have found the solution. He bet against the Pirates, Every. Single. Game

Greg Mercer has been a Pirates fan since was eight years old and even though he still likes the team, he spent the season betting that they’d lose every single game…He bet an average of $20 a game, betting either the Pirates wouldn’t cover the 1 ½ run spread or that they’d lose outright. In the end, he spent $3,250 and earned a profit of $324.34 — a 9.98 per cent return. Pretty good considering the Dow, over the baseball season, has been flat.

Brilliant. Most fans that gamble are more likely to bet on their favourite teams to win. The problem with this bias is when your team loses, you are pissed they lose, and you are even more pissed that you lost money. Mercer’s strategy solves this problem. By betting against your favourite team, you are guaranteed a happy result every night. And a pissed off one. But if you are a fan of the Pirates, maybe you are already a masochist.

Now if you will excuse me, I have to call somebody about the Bengals -6.5.

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