Will Piracy Fears Lead To An Offshore Oil Worker Shortage?

oil tanker

has an interesting post highlighting the underreported dangers for seamen travelling aboard ships carrying the oil we all use to fuel our cars:

While those seamen have their task cut out for them anyway, being perpetually exposed to highly inflammable liquid cargoes, the menace of piracy is massively adding to their stress and fatigue levels.

In the aftermath of the recent hijacking of Greek-owned Maran Centaurs — a VLCC with 2.15 million barrels of Kuwaiti Crude on November 29 — it’s been heard that some sailors are having a second thoughts about their occupation, which most had willingly embraced earlier.

No matter that close to 35 vessels have been hijacked by Somali pirates so far this year with more than 550 sailors taken hostage, there are reports of an endless stream of Filipinos craving for the sailing job.

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