Is Barcelona's Coach Ready To Boot A Star Player Because He Went White-Water Rafting With Shakira?

shakira and gerard pique of barcelona

Photo: @Shakira

rumour has it that Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola would be willing to let star defender Gerard Pique go after this season.The source of their tiff? Shakira’s love of water sports, according to

To explain: Pique and Shakira are dating. Back in the summer, they went white-water rafting and posted pictures of their excursion on Facebook.

This made Guardiola “furious” because players aren’t allowed to go white-water rafting, Goal says.

Then in December, Pique once again hit the high seas with Shakira — this time on a tandem jet ski — in direct violation of his contract and a previous warning against such activities by Guardiola.

Over the course of the season, the 25-year-old Pique has been in and out of the line up. Guardiola is reportedly so fed up that he’d be willing to ship him off after this season, which is stunning considering Pique was being groomed to take over as captain of the prestigious club.

Barca’s president has dismissed the rumours of a Pique departure. But it’s pretty clear that he needs to get his Shakira problem under control, or at least avoid lakes and rivers and oceans for a while.

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