THE PIPPA EFFECT: Here Are 6 Ways Middleton Can monetise Her Newfound Fame


Pippa Middleton has officially held the human race’s attention for nearly two months.

We’ve breathlessly followed her breakups, charted her sartorial choices and ogled her butt.

What we haven’t done is heard what her next move is.

She’s been spotted at the French Open and in a charity race.

But let’s be honest.

We’re all waiting for the press release that will detail her next move — and make Middleton’s global domination official.

And we’re getting a little impatient — so here are our guesses at what could be in the works for the world’s most famous little sister.

Usher has given Middleton her first official modelling offer, and it's a doozy.

He wants her to be the face (read: body) of his new lingerie line. We know what you're thinking: Usher has a lingerie line?

And more endorsements could be coming.

Xavier Peugeot, the watch brand's director, was reportedly ecstatic to see Middleton at the French Open and presented her with a book on Peugeot's history.

Or she could skip hawking other designers and go straight to becoming one.

Middleton has already been linked to rising sales of nude pantyhose -- and if she can make that cool, the sky's the limit. Collaborating with designers on a capsule collection bearing her name would mean big financial benefits for all parties involved.

She's got options when it comes to American TV.

Oprah Winfrey and Barbara Walters reportedly both want to produce something starring Pippa.

And if a regular show seems like too much of a commitment, she could go the Victoria Beckham route.

'Bachelorette' creator Mike Fleiss tweeted that Middleton is his dream subject. We can't see that dream coming true, but a one-shot reality show season a la Victoria Beckham's coming-to-America show could be a good fit -- and the perfect amount of overseas publicity for Middleton's family business. Speaking of which...

A party-planning style empire might really be the best fit.

The Middleton family already owns a party-supply company. Couple that infrastructure with Middleton's celebrated good taste and event-planning experience, and you've got an instant entertaining brand with the power of Martha Stewart -- just 40 years younger and internationally famous.

Pippa's likely to pop up here sooner or later.

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