The Daily Mail Is Sent 400 Pictures Of Pippa Middleton Every Single Day

pippa middleton

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An interesting nugget from the Leveson Inquiry into British press standards here.Paul Silva, picture editor at the British paper for 13 years, told the inquiry today that the sheer number of pictures they receive is staggering.

“She goes to get a coffee or she goes back into her house – we get about 300-400 pictures of that a day,” he said.

“There is no need for it, there is no reason to use them, there is no justification for using them,” he admitted, and said that the Mail had refused to carry photos of Kate Middleton’s sister taken without her permission.

Perhaps that claim is true, though we wonder how exactly Pippa gave her permission in these photos of her getting into a taxi with her boyfriend after a night out, or these ones of her dancing with a “mystery man” before kissing her boyfriend.