Pippa Middleton’s Boyfriend Isn’t A Banker – He Has A Job That’s MUCH Better

pippa middleton boyfriend

If the rumours are true, Pippa Middleton’s boyfriend, Alex Loudon, has the best job ever.

There’s been a media consensus for a while now that Pippa Middleton — sister of the future Queen of England and the much-agreed upon star of the Royal wedding — is dating a stockbroker.

(His name is Alex Loudon, and he attended Eton with Prince William.

The former English cricketer earned an MBA from London Business School, and, inspired by his father, a financier and Chairman of Caledonia Investments in London — in which Alex has a small stake — he reportedly began a career as a stockbroker.)

But London-based City A.M dug around a little bit, and they have a new theory about her boyfriend’s current employment whereabouts.

According to The Capitalist, a columnist at City A.M,

A finance professional with the same name as her boyfriend and rumoured fiancé, Alex Loudon, is currently employed by the Woking UK head office of brewing giant SABMiller.

Recent press reports have described the younger Middleton sister’s love interest as a stockbroker, but if the Alex Loudon who answered the phone from the Surrey HQ of the South African brewing giant is one and the same person, the job title of corporate finance and development analyst at SABMiller is nearer the mark.

When the Capitalist reached SABMiller’s Alex Loudon by phone, he declined to comment but was very “well-spoken.”

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