This New Startup Is Changing The Way We See File Sharing And Its App Isn't Even Out Yet

pipe team

Sharing files has always been an integral part of the Internet. During the past few years, some file sharing services have complicated the exchange, making it difficult for users to easily share things with others.   

Pipe, a brand new Facebook app that we showed you recently is setting out to change the world’s perception on file sharing.

The Pipe application provides a simple and intuitive UI, literally a pipe coming out of the computer screen into which the user just drags and drops a file. On the other side, the file emerges out of the friend’s Pipe. 

Pipe’s founders and management team are experienced entrepreneurs from the digital media space. The buzz is swirling around this Berlin-based start up, and their innovative new service with popularity and is growing by the day.

“We believe that privacy is very important. People and organisations aren’t being as careful as they should.”

Pipe’s mission is centered around simplicity. Anyone from a 5-year old to a senior citizen can use the app to share photos stuff. Its founders gained inspiration from the one-on-one connection. 

In addition to the app’s simplicity, Pipe’s CEO Simon Hossell tells us it’s incredibly secure as well.

“We believe that privacy is very important. People and organisations aren’t being as careful as they should,” Hossell says.

The app’s interaction is completely private because you have to be Facebook friends with the person you’re sharing with. (The person on the other end of the “pipe” must be logged into Facebook Chat too.) The process almost eliminates spam and other nasty things that can happen with regular file-sharing.

“The goal is to bring this very simple, easy to use, and intuitive app to everyone,” says Hossell says. “We are focused on rolling out the app and making it a service that is available to everybody everywhere. We want to make sure we do this securely, simply, and in a fun way.” 

Pipe plans to launch to the public in the very near future. (The app is still in private beta for now.) Hossell, along with partners Marco Rydmann and Philip Eggersglüss, are hoping that users will find the app easy to use and intuitive.

“Facebook has a file transfer feature but it is very clunky and difficult to use, add the fact that most people don’t even know its available,” Hossell says.

The group is launching its Facebook app first because because of the social network’s 800 million plus reach. They felt that there was real need for easy file sharing between friends.

“We felt that social media was missing a one to one interaction. Before Pipe there wasn’t a simple and fun way to interact in a private sense,” Hossell noted.

Next steps for the company include branching out to different social networks and mobile platforms. “We want to make this available to everyone.”

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