14 Pinterest Projects That Failed Hilariously

PintesterPintesterSonja Foust, the Pintester

Pinterest is largely an aspirational social network. People post and “pin” pictures that help them create the ideal version of different aspects of their lives.

For that reason, the site is loaded with all sorts of DIY crafts, as well as recipes and tutorials for home decor projects.

Browsing the site, everything looks beautiful, and many things look relatively easy to make yourself.

The cold-hard truth: They’re often quite the opposite.

Blogger Sonja Foust runs a funny site called Pintester where she posts about her experience trying out different Pinterest projects. The site’s slogan: “Failing at Pinterest pins so you don’t have to.”

Foust started Pintester back in late 2011.

'Pinterest was my new favourite website,' she says, 'But when I would try to make things it just wasn't working out.'

Her attempts never looked as good as the pictures she'd see...

Like these champagne Jello squares gone horribly wrong.

So she started writing several blog posts a week documenting her struggles.

Here's her attempt at bacon hearts:

For about a year and a half, keeping up Pintester was Foust's full-time job.

She was making enough income from ads and selling things from Pintester's store that she didn't need to work.

She has another job now but she still writes about a post a week.

Foust says that she thinks that people love her blog because it creates a sense of camaraderie.

'People are glad to know that they're not the only person out there screwing up something that looks like it would be awesome,' she says.

Here's Foust's attempt at creating a dyed watermark tee:

She's not the only one posting her Pinterest fails either.

If you search 'Craft fail' on Pinterest you'll find a bunch more!

Now, for an offbeat look at another major company:

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