Even Though The Hype Has Died Down, Pinterest's Traffic Is Still Exploding

When startups receive press, it’s usually evident in their traffic numbers. There’s a spike, and then a sharp drop off after.

In some cases, startups are only hype and no substance. When the press is gone, so is the startup.

But Pinterest is one of the rare startups that may be more substance than hype.

Last month, without gracing many headlines, Pinterest’s unique visitors jumped from 20 million unique visitors to more than 23 million.

Since last July, Pinterest’s unique visitors have increased every month and it now generates more than 1.7 billion monthly pageviews.

Pinterest is a good case study for all startups: Focus on your product, not on press. Creating a loyal user base is better than scaling quickly.

Here are Pinterest’s uniques and pageviews in millions since last summer, according to ComScore.

pinterest chart

Photo: Business Insider/ComScore data

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