Pinterest is finally adding a feature users have been craving for years

Pinterest Lens

A long-awaited feature is finally coming to Pinterest: Starting Wednesday, Pinterest users will be able to zoom in on pins.

Up until now, Pinterest images were static — you could click to enlarge them, but there was no way to actually zoom in on those images within the app. Now, zooming will work on both images and GIFs, and will work by pinching an image with your thumb and index finger.

Pinterest said the new feature is among the top requested by Pinterest users. 

Here’s what it will look like in action:

Pinterest is also revamping visual search both in the app and on the web. The feature allows users to click on a specific item within the image to find similar products. On the app, users will now notice a redesigned icon in a new location on the bottom right-hand corner of a photo. On the web, users will now be able to access visual search through Pinterest’s browser extension whether or not they have a Pinterest account. 

The new features are available starting Wednesday for iOS users. Pinterest said the new zoom features will be available for Android users sometime in the future.