Pinterest is launching a self-serve platform to make it easier for brands to work with influencers

  • Pinterest has a new self-serve tool that makes it easier for brands to tap into specialist Pinterest creators.

  • The move is aimed at attracting brands of all sizes to the platform, as well as achieving scale.
  • The initiative comes on the heels of other platforms such as Snapchat launching self-serve tools recently.

Pinterest has unveiled a new self-serve tool which promises to help advertisers connect with influencers and quickly develop ads for the visual search platform at scale.

The custom tool automates the process for brands wishing to work with content creators via Pin Collective — Pinterest’s own network of external influencers who help brands develop Pinterest-friendly creative. The custom tool has been developed in partnership with the digital influencer tech company Popular Pays.

“There has been a demand in the market from our partners for help in creating bespoke content for the planning stages of the purchase funnel, which is what people come to Pinterest for,” Alastair Cotterill, head of The Studio at Pinterest, told Business Insider. “That’s exactly what Pin Collective is for.”

The custom tool helps brands of all sizes develop content for Pinterest in as little as 10 to 14 days. All they have to do is either get in touch with Pinterest’s partner manager team or use the tool to get in touch with influencers themselves.

Brands can submit a creative brief, and then review applications from creators who want to work on the project. They can also browse through creator profiles and their projects on the tool. Once they pick a creator, all communication happens directly on Pinterest.

“It makes it easier to create content designed for the platform, ensure that partner content is of high value and drive business results,” he said. “It accelerates the process, scales it up and allows us to reach out to smaller advertisers.”

Pinterest’s self-serve tool comes on the heels of similar moves by other platforms recently. Snapchat, for instance, has also been scaling up its ad offerings, launching self-serve platforms for variosu products including sponsored geofilters, Snap Ads and even full-screen video ads using the Publisher tool.

But for Cotterrill, the tool was even more necessary for Pinterest than others because only specialist creators get how to create content tailored for the platform.

“We wouldn’t define it as an influencer network,” he said. “It’s really about finding people who know how to design and craft content specifically for Pinterest. They are specialists, and unlike other influencers, some of them may have a lot of followers and some of them may not.”

Pin Collective is overseen by The Studio, Pinterest’s internal wing that helps brands develop content for the platform. The team covers everything from brand and agency education to creative execution, helping brands including essie, Old Spice and Dunkin’ Doughnuts, as well as agencies like Wieden + Kennedy develop Pinterest-specific content.

Adidas Originals was the first brand to use the new self-serve platform, in a campaign aimed at raising awareness and highlighting the versatility of its classic Stan Smith shoe. Adidas used the Pin Collective platform to work with Liz Chernett, a stylist, photographer and art director, who created 12 custom photographic Pins that showcased the sneakers’ iconic style.

The tool is available to all brands that use Promoted Pins.

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