Check Out Pinterest's Gorgeous, Artsy Offices, That Will Make You Want To Craft Something

Pinterest, the photo-based social network with a $US5 billion valuation, has a gorgeous office space in San Francisco.

Pinterest’s office bursts with creativity and our guide, Malorie Lucich, tells Business Insider that lots of employees have “secret” passions and hobbies, like martial arts, lock-picking, Vespa-riding, bike-fixing, ballet, and jam jarring, to name a few.

Every so often, Pinterest will host a “studio night” where it lets employees share their non-work skills with their peers.

Although our visit didn’t align with one of those, we did get to tour around the office.

Pinterest's office is located in San Francisco's SoMa neighbourhood (Airbnb and Postmates are there, too).

Enter through the front doors, located on 7th Street, and you'll be greeted by Layla at the front desk.

Not to mention comfy couches, live plants, and a yarn-bombed pipe.

Layla actually did the yarn-bombing herself! She also has an Etsy store where she sells knit crafts (link below).

On the right side of the lobby is a games and craft room.

Pinterest employees -- called 'pinployees' -- often hold activities or club meetings in here. Our guide told us about the 'articles club' where employees meet to share and discuss the best things they read that week.

You'll quickly notice all sorts of cute details and things that, if you're a Pinterest user, you'd likely have on one of your boards -- like this button flower pot.

Once you pass through the lobby doors, you get an even warmer welcome.

Complete with more live plants.

And this cool SF-themed sculpture that Pinterest received from a local artist.

Behind it is a casual meeting area, where Pinterest has 'framed' a bunch of its press mentions.

On the opposite wall is a saying that employees use to congratulate each other: 'You're my pinspiration.'

There's also a shelf that employees have lined with photos and objects they collect. You can see there's a camera buff on board.

From there, you enter the office's main space, where people eat and do work away from their desk. Here's a view from above.

Note the whimsical 'hot air' balloons.

And bright lights.

It wasn't quite lunch time yet when we visited, but Pinterest provides its employees with catered lunch and dinner.

Did you notice that collage on the right? It's made up of the profile pictures of hundreds of Pinterest's first users.

On the other side of the wall is a board commemorating all of Pinterest's major product updates. The team that worked on an update gets to put it on the board while dancing around to Salt-N-Pepa's 'Push It.'

Pinterest also has a big map to track where all of its offices are.

With cute, employee-made signs of course.

In the kitchen, you'll find lots of snacks.

There's no shortage of beverage options, either.

No office would be complete without a coffee machine, and Pinterest adds some funkiness to its caffeine fix with these mustache mugs.

We came through the guest entrance originally, but this cool car-turned-security-desk is parked by the employee entrance.

To highlight one of its successful partner programs, with Nordstrom, there was also this summer-y display near the front when we visited.

If employees need a boost in the morning, they can hop on one of these swings.

Or read some motivational messaging.

This side of the office has a airy, open feel and we dug the vintage-looking furniture.

Lots of employees bike to work, but this particular cycle was decorated as part of one of Pinterest's all-hands hackathons.

Pinterest hackathons are unique because even non-techy employees will participate. This bar was designed by Pinterest's legal team.

This area has good ambience for either an after-work drink or a mid-day work-sprint.

This 'Little Free Library' was also set up during a hackathon. Besides books, employees can borrow games too. Our guide tells us that Pinterest's data team is all about board games.

Across from the library is a phone booth for employees to make private calls.

So, where do people actually do work? Pinterest has an open floor plan. Not even its CEO has a separate office.

We didn't spot Ben Silbermann, but we did find Doge and some bright balloons.

And another cool looking bar area.

'Ryan Gosling is an important fixture around here,' our guide tells us.

We spotted another nice lounge area.

On the way out, employees can play with this Lego wall (its current look is thanks to Pinterest's recently-departed intern class).

Now, step inside another funky office...

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