Check Out Pinterest's Palo Alto Office, Where Employees Get Weekly Happy Hours, Hackathons, And Fan Swag

Pinterest office

Photo: The Daily Muse

You’ve surely heard of Pinterest, the Palo Alto-based wunderkind startup that seems to be taking over the internet.But have you peeked behind the curtain?

We asked our friends at The Daily Muse, experts in profiling great company cultures, to investigate.

They found infectious energy, a bright red workspace, some ambitious plans for the future, and over 70 enthusiastic employees decked out in Pinterest gear. Check out what it’s like to spend a day at the startup’s fun and friendly headquarters.

Located in the heart of Palo Alto, the Pinterest office is home to 70+ employees—and a massive amount of pinning.

From the moment you walk through the door, you're hit with bold accents of Pinterest red.

Enid got her job at Pinterest in a unique way. She was an early Pinterest adopter—Pinner #367, to be exact—and was instantly hooked by the potential she saw. Enid had racked up 200 pins in just two days, and decided she wanted to meet the founders—and so was born Pinterest's very first meet-up, and Enid's new job.

With shelves piled high with t-shirts, water bottles, iPad covers, and stickers galore, Pinterest employees have plenty of opportunity to rep their company—and they love it.

One of the staples of the Pinterest office is the beloved foosball table in the back room. Playing foosball while brainstorming or discussing projects is encouraged.

The Pinterest founders, otherwise known as the Pintero Gang, earned this poster by supporting a Kickstarter project.

Home to one big pinning family.

Employees here sure have Pinterest Pride—stickers decorate computers, laptops, and phones, and the majority of employees show up to work in their Pinterest tees.

Pinterest holds regular Hackathons, where employees (technical or not) get to choose a creative idea they want to make happen. The team tends to get pretty passionate about their creations—it's not unusual for more than a few people to stick around working 'til the wee hours of the morning on Hackathon night.

Happy hour is also the home of a weekly Q&A session with the founders, where employees can get open answers to their questions—even the tough ones.

Pinterest sure does have a dedicated fan base–one day a box full of these Pinterest candies arrived on their doorstep from a doting fan.

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