Pinterest's Smart Hiring Tactic


We grabbed lunch with someone who was approached to work for Pinterest.

“Would you want to work there?” Our source was asked by someone connected to the company.

“In what capacity?” Our source inquired.

“Any,” he was told.

The person explained Pinterest is trying to gather as many smart people in tech as possible to take the company to the next level. The candidates work with Pinterest to create the perfect role.

A VC tells us our source should be flattered. Pinterest is picky about the people it hires.

“Pinterest has some of the highest hiring standards I’ve ever seen,” says the investor. “They have a tiny team that packs a humongous punch. They basically built what you see today with a handful of guys. They pass on candidates that other start-ups would dream about hiring.”

Letting candidates choose their roles is a smart hiring tactic. The first rule of sales: let clients think they came up with the idea and they’ll automatically be more invested in it.

If Pinterest works with top tech talent to create positions, it will make them feel special, like the role was made just for them.

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