Pineapples Are The Cream Of The Crop For Farmers Ahead Of The Chinese New Year

Getty Images

Queensland pineapple growers have been working nine hours a day, seven days a week since Christmas, to meet demand for the fruit during Chinese New Year.

The pineapple symbolises wealth and good fortune and is especially popular in Chinese New Year celebrations. The new year falls on 31 January this year.

Pineapple farmers of Yeppoon, in north Queensland, are especially busy as they supply 90% of Australia’s pineapple market for the celebrations, according to The ABC.

Many were worried extreme weather conditions, which have caused the fruit to grow smaller and flower at different times, would hurt the industry but Pineapple farmer Peter Sherriff has said it is an advantage.

“This year has been exceptional because we’ve had that drier season and it’s made a smaller pineapple, it’s actually probably made it a little bit better in quality,” says Sherriff told The ABC.

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