This Clothing Company Is Giving colour Forecasts For Europe's Most Fashionable Cities

The colour Forecast Website

We’ve all woken up in the morning and been fraught with indecision over what to wear.Pimkie, a French clothing line, hopes to eliminate that problem and inspire its customers (to purchase its products) with a new website, the colour Forecast.

Using digital cameras and some fancy software developed specifically for the project, the website can tell users what colours people are wearing on the streets of Europe in real time. 

“colour Forecast is a distinctive and competitive way to inspire our digital native customers in their choice of fresh fashion,” said Dorothee Braure, Marketing and Digital Director of Pimkie. “It is precisely what drives our style team in their day-to-day job: detecting key trends, inspiring our designers and guiding our merchandising teams in our four major markets.”

The technology behind the website is explained in the video below, but the result is an hourly account of what colours people are wearing in the trendiest places in Paris, Milan and Belgium. We’re sure you’re wondering, for example, what colour people are wearing at Pont Neuf in Paris.

Of course, Pimkie isn’t just doing this to help us all stay on trend. They want to sell clothes. So as part of the site the colour of the hour is linked to items of a similar hue that are available on Pimkie’s website.

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