Amazing Footage Of A Pilot Successfully Ditching A Plane 253 Miles Off From Hawaii

A pilot successfully ditched his plane 253 miles northeast from the Hawaiian island of Maui after going into an incredible nosedive, according to a US Coast Guard video.

The pilot, flying a single engine Cirrus SR-22, had to take emergency actions after his aircraft ran out of fuel. The plane quickly fell into a nosedive before deploying its parachute. Fortunately, the US Coast Guard witnessed the incident and deployed a rescue ship.

The Coast Guard filmed the entire episode. We have created GIFs of the incident below.

After running out of fuel, the Cirrus SR-22 quickly began a nosedive out of the sky.

Fortunately, the plane was equipped with a deployable parachute that helped to stabilise the craft’s descent.

Due to the parachute, the plane hit the water at a safe speed on its belly.

The pilot, after crashing, bailed out of the aircraft and got into an emergency inflatable life boat.

Within a half hour, the Coast Guard managed to find the pilot’s position and pull him into a rescue ship.

You can watch the entire video below.

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