This Pillow Glows When Your Long-Distance Partner Goes To Bed

little riot pillow

The minds at UK-based design shop Little Riot have created a pillow that might be just what your relationship needs.

Romance is complicated just by itself, and when you add distance to the equation things rarely get easier.

This is where Pillow Talk comes in.

Pillow Talk is an Internet-enabled pair of pillows that talk to each other anywhere in the world. When your long-distance paramour is sleeping, your pillow glows in response. When you put your head down on yours, it sends a signal over the Internet to light up the other as well.

Plus, you can wear a wristband that measures your heartbeat and beams it to your partner’s iPhone or Android device so that he or she can hear your heartbeat.

Ain’t that just the sweetest?

You and your beloved will be able to buy Pillow Talk soon. The project has been approved by Kickstarter but the company writes that “we have to meet certain criteria before we can launch our campaign.¬†We are in the final phases of product development but should be ready to kick things off soon.”

Check out the video demo below:

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