An incredible 'League of Legends' player saved his team from certain defeat with this one amazing move

The “League of Legends” Championship Series is well underway at this point. We’re just one week away from the North American championship finals in New York City at Madison Square Garden.

One of the teams playing in those finals is Team Liquid, the subject of our ongoing eSports series, “League of Millions.” Here’s the first episode, in case you missed it:

Team Liquid would have had a much harder time at the championships, though, if it weren’t for an amazing play by a player who goes by the handle “Piglet.” (Yes, like the “Winnie the Pooh” character, vut his real name is Chae Gwang-jin). 

It’s an incredible move to see if you know what you’re looking at.


Did you see that? It was quick! Here’s a shorter version of Piglet’s big move:


By hitting Baron Nashor — that snake-like monster — at the exact right moment, Piglet managed to steal away the kill from the opposing team. That’s particularly important in “League of Legends,” where kills on monsters like Baron Nashor result in loads of gold (used for improving characters mid-match) and some very important bonuses imbued on Piglet’s entire team — the kind of stuff that can ultimately effect the outcome of an entire game. 

And that’s especially meaningful with the Baron, as it appears just 20 minutes into a given match. 

What’s so impressive about Piglet’s move was that, unlike in the GIFs above, he was going in completely blind. In “League of Legends,” there’s an element called the “Fog of War.” So this is what the battle looked like from Piglet’s screen:


Sure, he knew that the other team was attacking Baron Nashor. And sure, he knew that if he scored the final blow on Nashor, he’d reap all the rewards for his team. But he had no idea if, when he threw that hit, he was going to take it all in one shot. It’s the perfect mix of experience and luck, all culminating in one perfect shot. Just take a look at the celebration from Team Liquid fans after Piglet’s big manoeuvre:


As you might imagine, Team Liquid went on to win the match. The team will compete in a more favourable match when they play in the finals next week in New York City. And we’ll be there following Team Liquid for “League of Millions.”

Don’t miss the latest episode, featuring Piglet, below.

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