Piers Morgan Shreds Todd Akin And Calls Him A 'Gutless Little Twerp' For Failing To Show Up To His CNN Interview

CNN host Piers Morgan lit into Missouri Rep. and Senate candidate Todd Akin Monday night, ripping him for failing to show up for a scheduled interview on Morgan’s show. 

Morgan opened the segment by telling his viewers they were looking at the “empty chair Todd Akin was supposed to be sitting in.” 

Morgan was supposed to interview Akin after his comments about “legitimate rape” and pregnancy, which sparked a national uproar and led many Republicans to call on him he should drop out of the Missouri Senate race against Sen. Claire McCaskill. Akin has until 5 p.m. Tuesday to drop out.

Morgan also mentioned that McCaskill had canceled an appearance, too. 

“It’s a very nice empty chair, but it remains … an empty chair,” Morgan said.

He ended the segment by calling Akin “a gutless little twerp.”

Watch the full segment below:

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