Piers Morgan On Facing Off Against Fox News: Part of Rupert Murdoch "Will Be Wanting To Kill Me"

Piers Morgan CNN

When Piers Morgan launches his new 8pm show on CNN in January he will not only be attempting to fill a timeslot long-occupied by Larry King he will be going up against undefeated cable king Bill O’Reilly

Fortunately Morgan has some experience with Murdoch-owned media companies:  one of his first bosses was Rupert Murdoch, himself.

In the first of a series of web video Morgan reveals what it was like to work for Murdoch.

Murdoch is “a brilliant boss and a ruthless opponent,” said Morgan.

“Part of him will be wishing me me good luck… the other part of him will be wanting to kill me.”

“It’s combat,” Morgan went on. “You are fighting for ratings.”

Any chance of getting Murdoch on Morgan’s new show?

Morgan has already checked: “I asked him to name my chances from zero to 100 … he replied ‘less than zero.'”

Watch the full video below.

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