Here Are This Week's Winners And Losers In Media

Wendi Murdoch

Photo: Fox News Channel

The week in media was dominated by the ongoing News Corp phone-hacking scandal of which there are currently many, many losers and exactly one winner.Wendi!

Actually, Wendi may this year‘s winner in media, so inspiring was her tiger leap to Rupert’s defence.

This week she is joined by Harry Potter and Jennifer Lopez, which taken together would certainly make for a helluva crime-fighting team.

Losers?  There were a lot of them.  And suffice to say, they lost badly.

WINNER: Wendi Deng

Winner winner winner winner.

Wendi Deng's leap to her husband's defence against a shaving cream throwing assailant during Tuesday's Parliament hearings assured, among other things, that Rupert will never again be mocked for marrying a gorgeous Chinese woman a third of his age. I mean really.

It may have also done as much to cement son James' image as totally ineffectual as the three hours of testimony that preceded it.

WINNER: Jennifer Lopez

Not only did she dump Mark Anthony -- did anyone really believe that was going to last?

She managed to do it in a way that is going to make a lot of people a lot of money.

Lopez may be gearing up for her third divorce but actually she's just getting her third wind.

WINNER: Michele Bachmann

Why is Michele Bachmann a winner? Not by her own doing, is the answer. The Daily Caller published a story about Bachmann essentially saying she suffered from incapacitating migraines and as such was unable to take on the duties of President. Bachmann fired back with a statement from the House doctor noting that millions of Americans suffer from migraines.

But it was the media's response to the story that won the day. Behold MSNBC's Ed Schultz declaring his approval of Bachmann.

WINNER: Harry Potter


The final instalment of Harry Potter broke the record for biggest opening weekend ever.

Haven't line up yet? Here's the trailer.


And not just because of the joy the are clearly deriving from watching News Corp self-immolate.

This week the Times announced it had enlisted 224,000 subscribers to its paywall, almost fu filling its yearly goal and making this quarter the first one in 11 to show an increase in revenue.

Turns out people will pay for quality reporting.

LOSER: James Murdoch

Where to start.

Let's start with Murdoch-the-younger's frozen, gaping response to his father's attacker whilst step-mother (with whom he reportedly has a rocky relationship) leapt in. Literally

Add to that the fact that following Tuesday's testimony a former NOTW editor and lawyer came forward and accused James of 'misleading' Parliament and now there are calls for a police investigation.

Plus, News International, which is headed up by James, had its email hacked by LulzSec and they are promising to release their findings.

Not a good week for James, but probably not the worst he will face before the summer's out.


After years defending itself against claims that after being bought by News Corp the WSJ was the Rupert Murdoch's latest mouthpiece, the WSJ editorial page published a blistering defence of Rupert Murdoch.

It was not received well.

Alas, this did not stop the Jared Kushner-owned New York Observer from doing the same. Kushner is a close friend of Murdoch's and their editorial was received, er, even less well.

LOSER: Piers Morgan

Try as he might former NOTW editor Piers Morgan can't quite disentangle himself from this scandal. For a while he tried to ignore it. Then, when British MP Louise Mensch dragged his name in by misquoting a portion of his 1990's book about the tabloid world he went on a blazing offensive.

It made for good television, but the stories about Morgan's possible involvement in the shady world of phone-hacking keep coming, and until this story takes full hold in the States, Morgan makes for an easy point of focus.

Case in point: The NYT has now picked up on the story.

LOSER: The New York Post

Much like they opted out of 'covering' the historic Gay Marriage bill, the New York Post all but ignored the Murdoch phone-hacking hearings...even Wendi's leap.

Here's what they mean by ignore: they buried on page 36. Behold Pat Kiernan's amazement (and awesome refusal to cover anything else in the paper).

LOSER: Paris Hilton Storms Out Of GMA

Does this qualify as a loser?

In the sense that it portends to a career so diminished Paris Hilton was forced to resort to on-air antics to get some coverage, than yes.

But also, good for Paris! Let no man suggest Paris' moment has passed! Viral video moments are eternal.

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