Piers Morgan Got So Upset At Two Pro-Gun Guests That He Crumpled Up His Notes And Said They Made Him 'Sick'

Piers Morgan

Photo: CNN

Piers Morgan went off on two pro-gun guests during a lengthy segment on “Piers Morgan Tonight” Wednesday, which culminated in him crumpling up his notes and telling both guests that they made him “sick.”During the first part of the interview, Morgan spent the better part of five minutes pressing conservative radio host Dana Loesch on whether she believed that the Second Amendment entailed a right to own a tank. Loesch never gave a firm answer, and Morgan grew more and more frustrated during the next segment of the interview.

Morgan also clashed with Scottie Hughes, the news director of the Tea Party News Network, but he saved most of the bickering for arguments with Loesch.

The two went back-and-forth over why, as Morgan asked, an ordinary citizen would need an AR-15 rifle — which was used in some recent mass shootings, including one in a movie theatre in Aurora, Colo.

“As a woman who uses guns for self-defence and likes to know that I have that security, they’re a lot easier to fire than other rifles, simply because of the recoil,” Loesch said. “An AR-15 is — honestly, it’s just like any other rifle. I don’t understand why some individuals can become so scared of this, because they think it’s a scary-looking weapon.”

Morgan disagreed. The interviews culminated when he asked Loesch is she agreed with anything President Barack Obama proposed on Wednesday in his plan to curb gun violence. She said she did not.

That’s when Morgan lost it:

“The pair of you would like the right to have a tank and you don’t agree with a single — a single one — of President Obama’s proposals for gun control. And you know what? It makes me sick when I hear people say that kind of stuff.”

Here’s video of the exchange, via CNN:

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