PIERS MORGAN: The Shooting Of This Young Australian Means US Gun Crime Is The World's Problem

Australia has been reeling from the horrifying circumstances surrounding the alleged murder of Melbourne baseball player Christopher Lane in the small down of Duncan, Oklahoma.

Lane, 22, was allegedly shot dead by a gang of youths in what’s being chillingly referred to as a “thrill killing”.

Authorities say they have secured a confession and that the trio – suspected of having shot Lane in the back when he was out jogging – decided to kill someone because they were bored.

Two have been charged with murder and a third has been charged with being an accessory after the fact.

Former Mirror editor and now CNN talk show host Piers Morgan has been one of the most strident voices in the American media of American gun laws in recent years and the Lane case has re-energised his zeal.

Morgan says the senseless killing means America’s firearms laws are the now world’s problem. He’s indicated that he wants to use the case to renew pressure on the US gun rights lobby. He just tweeted:

He followed up with:

Amid the shock over this tragic loss, Australians will agree.

America’s gun laws are utterly senseless to most outside observers. That such a great country continues to tolerate the pointless and avoidable loss of life because of a constitutional quirk is a source of unending mystery and sadness. Morgan articulates this bewilderment with force and common sense.

Here’s a famous encounter Morgan previously had with gun lobbyist Alex Jones on his show. Jones had a meltdown on air, saying the spirit of the American War of Independence would return if foreign influences tried to change the US gun laws.

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