A DAY IN THE LIFE: Behind The Scenes At Piers Morgan Tonight


We always wanted to know what it was like working in television (admit it you did, too), so we asked the show’s digital producer Steve Krakauer to document his day.

He did. And we have the photos to prove it.

From opening up the ole computer and launching Tweetdeck to hanging out with Will Smith as he watches his wife, Jada, prepare for her interview, Krakauer offers the down and dirty on the behind-the-scenes routine of making the CNN show.

Starting the day: turning on CNN and opening Tweetdeck at my desk.

Our morning meeting, led by executive producer Jonathan Wald

In the edit room, getting a web clip out from the interview with Gov. Chris Christie that would be airing that night

Preparing for the interview with Jada Pinkett Smith that would air later in the week

Meanwhile in the studio, Will Smith watches the interview. (That's him in the white hat.)

Lunch in the Time Warner cafeteria. Joy Behar is in the foreground.

Working with our senior producer Conor Hanna to prepare a Flip video

The next interview that day was with Barry Manilow and a studio audience.

Preparing for the Manilow interview with a packed studio audience

Capturing a moment in the hallway after the Manilow interview, with Piers, Manilow, and the guests for the next interview: Jackie Evancho and David Foster

Checking in the control room during the Evancho interview, with our director Chris Adair and executive producer Jonathan Wald

Newsroom at the end of the day

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