Piers Morgan admits his relentless focus on the gun control debate ‘wasn’t good for ratings’

Piers morgan
Piers Morgan speaking to MediaCom UK managing director Claudine Collins. Screenshot/Advertising Week Europe

Piers Morgan, the TV personality who hosted the eponymous CNN night talk show between 2011 and 2014 admits his insistence on continuously covering gun control issues “wasn’t good for ratings.”

Despite leaving the show earlier than many people than expected, Morgan told the audience at Advertising Week London on Wednesday he didn’t get fired.

Morgan said: “I wasn’t actually sacked, despite what you may have read. I had a four-year contract and they offered me a two-year deal to do 25 shows a year.”

He said he “thought long and hard” but missed the UK and wanted to come back.

Morgan also admitted his tireless campaign for tighter gun control laws in the US rubbed many Americans up the wrong way.

Around half to 60% of the US “love their guns,” according to Morgan. He compared it to going to Germany and telling Germans not to speed on the autobahn.

Morgan said he was told: “They definitely don’t want to hear this, but they don’t want to hear it from that accent. They kicked King George III out with guns, the last thing they want to hear is a British Guy talk about guns.”

Print newspapers have ’20 years’ left, according to Morgan

Morgan spoke about a wide range of issues during his Advertising Week Europe interview, from Brexit (he’s against it, although he thinks it will be “very close,”) his fears about over-regulation of the press in the UK, and his infamous interview with an animated Alex Jones about gun control.

The former editor of UK tabloids The Daily Mirror and The News of The World also said he thinks print newspapers only have “20 years” left.

“Less in some cases,” said Morgan, who was speaking at Advertising Week Europe in London on Wednesday.

While Morgan said he often picks up the newspapers when he’s over in the UK for “old time’s sake,” young people have ditched them altogether.

He compared the death of news print to the Penny Farthing when the Harley Davidson came along.

“You’re still travelling from A to B, but it’s just a lot quicker and a lot more efficient,” he said.

Morgan is currently a columnist for DailyMail.com and said some of his articles get 2 million pageviews.

“I can’t think of a platform in the world where a journalist can write a column that gets 2 million views,” he said.

He urged any journalists still clinging on to print to “get over yourselves, it’s the future.”

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