Tour LearnVest, One Of New York's Fastest-Growing Startups

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Photo: Daniel Goodman / Business Insider

LearnVest is a New York startup that has grown up fast in a few short years.Starting as a site designed to teach women about financial planning, it’s become a subscription-based financial planning service that’s now worth more than $100 million. 

The company’s founder, Alexa von Tobel, is one of New York’s most impressive entrepreneurs.

Their old office was pretty swanky. But as we predicted, they quickly ran out of room. So we decided to stop by their new digs for a visit.

LearnVest is on University Place, just south of Union Square. Fitting: The company is kind of like a university for planning your personal finances.

The space takes up a whole floor and was designed by architect Jifat Windmiller with an eye towards creating a place that would mesh with the company's culture.

It is bright and bustling.

On the wall, many of the company's accolades.

The conference rooms are named after some strong, inspirational women.

It goes with the company's mission.

They have quotes from users all over the office.

They were even adding some while we were there.

Meeting rooms around the office were in use.

And everyone was busy at work.

They are big on saving. We saw piggy banks all around the office.

Gabrielle Karol (foreground) has been with LearnVest for 16 months. She works as a video editor for the site.

In the back of the office is a hangout area.

The view from the hangout space.

Aamir Basheer has been with LearnVest for eight months as director of business analytics.

The company has an open kitchen space near the entrance.

The fridge is filled.

A couple of coffee dispensers.

The table includes a lovely flower arrangement.

Learnvest's executive team holds an impromptu meeting.

There is a strong collaborative feel around the office. We saw lots of people working together.

This can give you a good sense of the LearnVest spirit.

Will Larche has been working on LearnVest's iPhone app since April. It launched in October.

The desk next to Alexa von Tobel's is covered in company accolades.

LearnVest won Best of Show at Finovate Fall 2012.

Well wishes from supportive board members.

And the balloon that goes with them.

But Alexa von Tobel isn't resting on her laurels.

Mentions in major media have boosted LearnVest's audience.

Carolyn Norton has been at LearnVest for two years. She's a senior engineer on the site's back-end infrastructure.

She has this cool cheetah, a gift.

And then we noticed this, a $35, do-it-yourself computer for tinkerers known as a Raspberry Pi.

It is pretty cool and small.

She is messing around with it to make a fun little game for her daughter.

As we head out the team is having a good time, busy at work.

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