In A Sleek SoHo Office, Squarespace Is Trying To Redefine Web Design

Squarespace helps people build websites. Similar to WordPress, Tumblr, or Drupal, it provides individuals and businesses with a platform for building their website. But Squarespace offers more elaborate and comprehensive design services to its clients. In its almost 10-year history, the company has grown from a one man shop, started and operated by founder Anthony Casalena, to a full two floors in a sleek office in downtown Manhattan.

We stopped by to see how and what they are doing … and discovered a cosmopolitan crew from around the world doing amazing work.

The first person you notice on entry is Keely Ancrile, a South Florida native who has been working as the receptionist at Squarespace for eight months.

Minimalist signage with no frills but plenty of style.

When we got into Squarespace there was a big meeting going on downstairs.

It was a fun atmosphere.

But we couldn't stay long as they moved on to discussing some top-secret projects.

Next door was a smaller meeting.

This one wasn't as secretive.

And this meeting was pure fun.

It was definitely the most engaging one we visited. Ryan Gee who has been at the company for a year was really into it.

Sporting a classic system here.

Despite all the meetings, there were plenty of people busy working in the office. In the foreground, marketing director Matt Haggerty (right) and senior designer Stephen Parker (left) discuss the Squarespace signup process and how they can make it simpler.

Many of the employees had flags up for the Olympics, but while Haggerty's family is from Sweden (via Ireland, England, and America) the flag is from the Mi'Kamaq tribe of Nova Scotia. An inside joke, we guess.

They have an interesting view. No one was totally sure what the trophies represent, but there is plenty of speculation.

Bored? Need a break? Spend some time colouring .

They have lots of cool art to jazz up the place.

And it is a bike-friendly environment.

This is just the lower floor.

Which has its own kitchen (though some people said the one upstairs is a little nicer).

This one was still pretty well-stocked.

And getting plenty of use.

Want an espresso?

Or a drip cup?

But please make sure to use the right amount of coffee!

Tough decisions ...

Upstairs, the team was eagerly watching the Olympics.

It was a big race.

These computer's contain a generation's worth of old browsers and operating systems, used to test Squarespace and its website designs.

This one used to belong to Heide.

Kenneth Cachia has only been in the US working with Squarespace for one month. Originally from Malta, he came to New York for the job. But he has always wanted to live here.

The company helps people build and design websites so they have a reading selection geared towards creativity.

The sliding ladder is a classy touch.

And the spray-paint bottles are just really cool.

The ladder provides an excellent view of the office.

Cheryl Yau, originally from Hong Kong, has been with Squarespace for two months. She came to America two years ago to complete her master's degree and joined the company afterwards.

Nearby, Houston native Amie Kweon works as a front-end engineer. Also a recent hire, she has just been with the company for about two months.

The main meeting room sits at the end of the upper floor and lets in plenty of natural light.

And inside, the nuclear control box ... for special occasions.

Roger Kapsi, a software engineer with the company for over a year, originally comes from Hamburg, Germany. For the Olympics, he chose the Jolly Roger flag ... because the office is a jolly place.

Here is the main floor in all its glory.

Founder and CEO Anthony Casalena wasn't around when we stopped by his desk, but we did notice his impressive axe!

And the cool keyboards with a Squarespace logo for the ESC button.

The kitchen space upstairs is a bit larger.

Our host, PR and Communications Manager Seine Kim, seen in the reflection here, was excellent and we were sad to go. But off we went.

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