PICTURES: Spain Tries To Forget Economic Blues With Booze-Soaked Party

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Photo: AP

Spain’s economy is hurting. With youth unemployment now over 43%, some, such as Robert Shiller, now suspect there is a “chronic illness” within the Spanish economy.In these situations, there’s only one thing to do. Party.

Today was the first day of the San Fermín Festival in Pamplona, Spain. Best known for it’s bull running, the festival also begins with a hedonistic, wine-soaked party known as “Chupinazo” in the city’s main square.

Revelers pack into the city square.

A man celebrates in the crowd.

Revelers are sprayed from balconies with Sangria or Cava.

Red neckerchiefs are a traditional item of clothing at the event.

Crowd surfing is common.

Some revelers squirt Sangria from leather wine purses.

Revelers perform for onlookers.

More wine sir?

A reveler leaps from the Navarre, a fountain in the square.

AP reports the man was not caught correctly and seriously hurt himself.

Spanish novillero bullfighter Lopez Simon performs with a bull during a bullfight.

Not everyone is happy though. On Sunday, anti-bullfighting protestors held a protest in the square

Will Spain be next to default?

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