Crazy Pictures Show How Terrible The Conditions Are At The US Open

Rain has been the story so far at the U.S. Open with play being suspended early in the first round.

And this newest batch of hard rain is just going to make the conditions at Merion Golf Club worse, where it has been raining all week.

Here are some pictures that show how muddy Merion Golf Club was during Tuesday’s practice rounds. And it appears that conditions weren’t any better this morning and are probably getting worse.

The good news is that the worst mud appears to be off the course. But as we know, golf balls have a funny way of finding their way off the course which means the U.S. Open’s already treacherous rough is going to be even more miserable…

U.S. Open golf mud

And here is a spectator with plastic bags on his shoes tramping through mud…

U.S. Open Golf Mud

And here you can see how close the mud is to the course…

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