20 photos that prove summer is the best season

Matt Cardy/Getty ImagesIn 2019, summer starts on June 21.

It’s starting to feel a lot like summer.

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are rising. While summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21, Memorial Day – the unofficial start to summer – is nearly upon us (on May 27). So start planning those long trips, barbecues, and long days by the pool, and get ready for summer 2019.

And just in case you need a reminder of how fun the months ahead will be, here are 20 pictures that prove summer is the best season of all.

Summer is the best time to go to the beach.

ShutterstockLanikai Beach in Oahu, Hawaii.

What’s more summer than heading to the beach on a hot, sunny day? To make your beach planning easier, here are the 50 best beaches in the world, according to travel experts.

State fairs are also a classic summer tradition.

Tim Buss / FlickrSan Diego State Fair.

The fried foods, the Ferris wheels, the wholesome family fun – what’s not to love about the tradition of state fairs?

Many parks across the country will host summer concerts.

Cesare Ferrari/iStockMusic festivals are big in the summer.

Live music is great regardless of where you’re taking it in. But in the summer you can enjoy the benefits of seeing a concert without being trapped in a stuffy music venue or in the nose bleeds of a stadium.

Sitting poolside is always recommended for the summer.

Joseph Sohm / Shutterstock.comSummer means it’s time to go for a dip in the pool.

If you can’t make it to the beach, find your nearest swimming pool and lounge for hours at a time.

Boat rides are also perfect summer activities.

Shutterstock/Max TopchiiHead out to sea on a boat.

Summer is the time to enjoy water in all of its forms. Beach? Check. Swimming pool? Check. All that’s left is heading out on a boat and living out your best sea life.

Make sure to do some grilling in summer 2019.

iStockMaster the art of grilling to make the most of your summer meals.

The scents of summer include, but are not limited to sunscreen, chlorine, rain, and charcoal grills. It’s easy to throw anything on a grill and end up with something deliciously smokey and savoury (although there are some foods you can grill that you probably haven’t thought of). And if you don’t have a grill, there’s still time to find the right one.

Enjoy the fireworks this Fourth of July.

iStock / csterkenFireworks are synonymous with the Fourth of July.

The Fourth of July celebrates the United States’ independence, and offers up opportunities to check out stunning fireworks shows countrywide.

Bust out your summer apparel.

Chris Jackson/Getty ImagesMeghan Markle wears a wrap dress in the warm weather.

When summer’s here, there’s no more hiding under layers of sweaters and coats. So pull out those shorts, tank tops, and summer dresses and enjoy the sunshine and warmth.

Summer’s a great time to shop at your local farmer’s market for seasonal produce.

ShutterstockPeaches are in season in summer.

Peaches, melons, blueberries, and strawberries are all in season in the summer. One way to get the most out of summer fruits is by going to a farmer’s market (and even talking to the people who grew them).

And make sure to go on a summer vacation.

Zack Backpacking Around the World/youtubeSummer vacation applies to more than just time off from school.

Maybe you want to head somewhere out of the country to see how the rest of the world lives, or maybe you want to stay domestic and see more of the US – either way, embrace your wanderlust and make sure to travel this summer.

Grab a couple scoops of cool ice cream.

iStockMake it a double.

Ice cream is a year-round dessert, but it really thrives in the summer. Find the best ice cream shop in your city or state, and hop over for a cool, sweet cone.

Summer’s also the perfect time to go for a bike ride.

Ditch the cycling machine at the gym and pick up the real thing. Part exercise, part leisure, biking lets you work out while getting you from point a to point b. Yes, it’s hot out in the summer, but nothing beats the breeze hitting you as you’re speeding down the street.

Make sure to catch a baseball game.

Brocreative/ShutterstockThere’s a reason why baseball is one of America’s favourite pastimes.

Baseball season really hits its prime during the summer months, and that is the best time to hit up a game. Grab an ice cold drink and some snacks, and enjoy the athletic prowess before you.

Nothing’s better than a summer picnic in the park.

Shutterstock/T PhotographyPicnic in the park.

Grab your finest gingham blanket because it’s picnic season. No need to eat at a restaurant when you can prepare your favourite meal and sit in the grass while eating it. Bring a cute picnic basket and you’ll have an Instagrammable outing to share with your friends.

Find a place to pitch that hammock.

Courtesy Rishdeep ThindPitch a hammock and enjoy summer.

Pitch a hammock and enjoy the summer breeze. The best days of summer usually involve lying in the sun and basking in the glory of the season, so grab that summer reading list and curl up in your hammock.

Take part in a clambake.

MSPhotographic/ShutterstockClambakes are great for the summer.

You don’t have to be in New England to enjoy a seafood feast, the process of steaming a mass amount of fresh seafood (typically over layers of seaweed). Just grab some oysters, mussels, clams, and corn from the supermarket, boil it, and partake in the tradition.

Look out for those ice cream trucks.

ShutterstockIce cream trucks are ubiquitous in the summer.

The nostalgia that comes with hearing the ice cream truck’s jingle is probably unmatched. The ice cream truck provides a brief respite from the heat and humidity of summer. So grab a cone or a Popsicle, and relive memories of chasing down the ice cream truck as a child.

Try an out-door movie.

shaunl/Getty ImagesA drive-in theatre in the summer.

Summers are for blockbuster movies. But you can forego that cooped up, indoor experience and hit up an outdoor movie or drive-in movie theatre and enjoy both the weather and the thrill of the flick.

Summer’s the best time to go berry picking.

Flickr / James LeeStrawberry season usually starts in June.

If you want to be more involved with your produce eating, find a local berry patch and pick the fruit yourself.

While the skies are clear and the weather’s warm, go stargazing.

Joshua Willink/ShutterstockLive out your amateur astronomer dreams by going stargazing.

You don’t have to be an astronomer to appreciate the stars. On a clear summer night, you can easily look up at the sky and take in their beauty. We’ve even rounded up 12 of the world’s most beautiful stargazing spots for you.

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